Board of Directors

Eric Fawcett
Board President & Member at Large
EmployerBippus State Bank
Title:  President
Credential:  Member at Large   
Member Since:  1/1/21
Term Expires:  12/31/23 
Jeff Souder
Vice President of the Board and Member at Large

Troy Johnson
Secretary - Member at Large
Employer/OccupationIncipio Devices, President & CEO
Credential:  Member at Large
Joined the Board:  January 2022 
Michael Hartburg
Lime City Appointee
Employer/Occupation:  Hartburg, Roth & Garrott, LLP/Attorney at Law
Credential:  Appointed by the Lime City Committee
Term Began:  January 2022 
William Johnson
Representing the Town of Andrews
Employer/Occupation:  Retired  
Credential:  Representing the Town of Andrews
Term Expires:  12/31/2019
Member Since:  01/01/2015 
Steve Kimmel
Appointee - Huntington County Chamber of Commerce

Nick Lund
Representing the Town of Markle
Employer/Occupation:  Owner, Max Profit Ag, Markle, Indiana
Credential:  Representing the Town of Markle, Indiana
Member Since:  1/1/2020
Term Expires:  12/31/2020 
Seth Marshall
Representing the Common Council for the City of Huntington
Employer/Occupation:  PNC Bank, Fort Wayne.  Vice President & Investment Advisor for Wealth Management.
Credential:  Representing the City Council of Huntington. 
Term Expires:  12/31/2019
Member Since:  01/01/2016
Kendall Mickley
Representing County Council
Employer:  Gerdau Steel
Credential:  Representing the Huntington County Council
Member Since:  2021 
Rob Miller
Representing the County Commissioners
Employer:  President, Huntington County Board of Commissioners
Credential:  Representing the Board of Commissioners
Joined the Board:  January 2022 
Aaron Popplewell
Representing the Town of Roanoke
Credential:  Representing the Town of Roanoke
EmployerTown of Roanoke 
Member Since:  January 2022
Richard Strick
Appointee - Mayor City of Huntington