Reception Honors City and County

Monday, March 14, 2011

Huntington County was recently named to Site Selections Top 100 list for micropolitan economic development nationally.  A reception was held in the rotunda of the courthouse to honor city and county employees and elected officials for their role in this achievement.  Plaques highlighting Huntington and listing the communities honored were presented to Mayor Updike, the city representative, and the county representative, Commissioner Tom Wall.  Along with the plaques, the representatives were given a decorative logging chain representing the bonds of city and county employees, departments, and officials all connected and working together to help our community grow, prosper, and succeed.  If there is even one weak link a chain can easily be broken, which is why it is remarkable that so many people and departments have been able to work together to keep the chain strong.  Huntington County Economic Development Director, Mark Wickersham spoke, saying, "It is a community effort to not only attract and retain businesses, but to make Huntington a better place to live and work." 
Atlanta-based Site Selection Magazine recently evaluated economic development projects throughout the nation.  Metropolitan areas were ranked as well as micropolitan areas, defined by the magazine as communities with population bases between 20,000 and 50,000 people.  Rankings reflected the number of economic development projects per area which were supported with involvement from economic development agencies.  Huntington County tied for 25th in the nation.
Area Development Magazine conducted similar research for projects in 2009.  Their process evaluated the top ten largest economic development projects per each State and then each State was recognized with various performance awards.  The Onward Manufacturing Company Project in Huntington ranked as the 6th largest project in the State of Indiana during 2009 according to Area Development.
"Recognition like this is really a tribute to the Companies who are willing to invest in our Community.  They are the real heros, risking thier capital etc.,' said Wickersham.  "It's also clear that employers locate not only in places where they can operate profitably, but also where they feel appreciated.  The economic development process is a team sport.  When we pull together, we are strong," Wickersham concluded.