Poverty Simulation Motivational to HCUED Executive Director


February 22, 2009

HCUED Executive Director Participates in Poverty Simulation

Huntington, Indiana – HCUED Executive Director, Mark Wickersham, recently participated in a poverty awareness simulation sponsored by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service in Huntington County. The program is the fifth presentation of its kind in Huntington. Participants such as Wickersham, are given the role of a character to portray and are presented with real life challenges such as unemployment, health issues, single parenting, and other situations faced daily by those in or near poverty.

In four 15-minute segments, a month in the daily life of those facing a variety of socio-economic challenges, participants must go to different agencies for public assistance, food, employment opportunities, school, and other needs while managing the other routine demands expected in real life. “It is a very good reminder of the problems many people face in today’s difficult economy,” Wickersham said.  “The experience motivated me to work even harder at HCUED in an effort to attract new job opportunities to Huntington. To the extent I can help alleviate poverty, it is through the mission of HCUED,” he added.