November unemployment report released

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released its November 2014 Unemployment Report, and the rate for Huntington County is 5.2%, compared with 6.4% one year ago.
By comparison, the 25-year annual average unemployment rate for Huntington County is 5.8%. Again for comparison, the unemployment rate in Huntington County peaked at 14.3% in June 2009 and again, is now down to 5.2%.

The statewide rate is 5.8%, and according to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, “Indiana has the nation’s third-highest DECLINE in unemployment since July of 2009, improving overall by 5.1%.” The same editorial continued by stating that “Indiana added 15,800 private-sector jobs since last November, the highest single-month gain in 15 years…”

Seasonal fluctuations in the data have been suggested by some analysts, including the IPFW Community Research Institute as the reason for the slight increase in November. The November unemployment rate for the 10-county Northeast Indiana region is 5.3%. Every county in the region remains below the rate for the statewide rate of 5.8%, and 9 of the 10 counties (including Huntington) remains below the national rate of 5.5%.

Locally, we continue to be aware of employers with job openings to fill. Onward Manufacturing Company, Echo Lake Foods, Novae and others are hiring. Fifty-six  more Huntington County residents were reported as working in November as compared to October, and 112 more Huntington County residents were in the workforce compared to October. Even though the rate slightly increased, more Huntington County residents were working and were in the labor force as compared to one month ago.

Huntington County Economic Development continues the effort to encourage more job opportunities, and the community continues to work hard to create more training opportunities for those who wish to improve their own personal marketable skills.

"Overall, the jobs picture in Huntington County is very encouraging," said Mark Wickersham, executive director, Huntington County Economic Development.