New Industrial Park Name Approved

The Board of Directors for the Huntington County United Economic Development Corporation (HCUED) announced today the selection of the name Riverfork Industrial Park West for the newly acquired, 127 acre industrial site on the southwest side of Huntington.  "The economic development team and the leadership of the City of Huntington, have for decades envisioned a new industrial park at this location and today marks a next step in its future," said Mark Wickersham, executive director. 
Acquisition of the site was completed in January of 2019 with HCUED securing a mortgage from a local bank, guaranteed with a contract between the City of Huntington and HCUED, unanimously approved by City Council.  "The land is owned by HCUED as a non-profit, 501 C 3 (non-governmental) entity; however, economic development is a team sport. Land Acquisition was not possible without the combined efforts of the City and HCUED, nor will the lands' eventual development," Wickersham said. 
Development of the land will comply with all local Comprehensive Planning and development standards and the mortgage obligation must be fulfilled.  "If we are successful in selling the real estate for industrial use per the Community's Comprehensive Plan, the proceeds of the sale will pay the mortgage.  If not, or if only partially sold, or if a major employer opportunity presents itself which genuinely merits an incentive more valuable than the land itself, the contract with the City pays the mortgage," Wickersham said. 
City Councilman Joe Blomeke, who has been part of the Lime City Committee for decades, led early efforts to promote this location.  City Council President Charles Chapman led the Council deliberations based on research from HCUED.  Wickersham added, "Ultimately willingness on the part of the sellers, combined with Mayoral and Council leadership and the Community's understanding of the need and vision for the future resulted in this opportunity." 
Efforts to secure site certification recognition from the State of Indiana will be coordinated through HCUED beginning later this spring.  
Pictured in the photograph below from left to right are:
Lee Pasko of Wells Fargo Bank currently serving as president of the Lime City Committee
Kevin Killen owner of Thorne Insurance and vice president of the HCUED Board of Directors
Mark Wolf of 1st Farmers Bank & Trust and treasurer of the HCUED Board
Ryan Warner of Bippus State Bank and secretary of the HCUED Board
Kendall Mickley, County Councilman serving on the HCUED Board
Kyle Hamilton of Our Sunday Visitor and president of the HCUED Board
Brian Warpup of the HCCSC Board serving on the HCUED Board
William Johnson of the Andrews Town Council serving on the HCUED Board
Richard Strick of the Common Council for the City of Huntington
Anthony Goodnight director of engineering services for the City of Huntington
David Fund of the Common Council for the City of Huntington
Bryn Keplinger director of development and redevelopment for the City of Huntington
Christi McElhaney Clerk-Treasurer of the City of Huntington
Mark Wickersham executive director of HCUED
Larry Buzzard president of the Huntington County Board of Commissioners serving on the HCUED Board
Brooks Fetters Mayor of the City of Huntington serving on the HCUED Board