June Unemployment Rate Released

For Release:  Immediate                             Contact:  Mark Wickersham
July 23, 2012                                                260-356-5688
June Unemployment Rate Released
Huntington, Indiana --
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released their unemployment report for June 2012.  According to the State of Indiana, the unemployment rate for Huntington County stands at 8.1% for the reporting period covering May 11 through June 10, 2012.  This is a slight increase from the May rate of 7.5%.
Huntington County's rate is slightly below the State-wide average of 8.3% and ranks Huntington as having the 47th lowest unemployment rate among Indiana's 92 Counties. 
"Lay-offs as a result of the sale of Hiner Transport and cut-backs at Unilever's Huntington Plant impact the rate for June," said Mark Wickersham, Executive Director of Huntington County Economic Development.  "The rate for June of 2012 is significantly less than the rate one year ago," he added.   "More people are employed compared to a year ago, however, we will experience temporary set-backs in our efforts to completely recover from the effects of the Great Recession.  Prospective employers from all over the world continue to evaluate Huntington County for potential projects and Huntington County employers continue to do well.  Until our national economic challenges are addressed, we will still be vulnerable to occasional increases in unemployment," Wickersham concluded.