Huntington University Chooses Chartwells

Huntington University has announced the selection of Chartwells as their food service provider for the coming year.  Chartwells is a national food service company recognized by the National Restaurant Association for advancements in health/nutrition and innovative technology.  The company adheres to a "Balanced U Sustainability" approach to provide customers with cuisine based on four tenets of sustainable and socially-responsible business practices:  Eat Green, Build Green, Run Green, and Return Green.
The award winning food service company purchases 100% certified seafood, cage-free shell eggs, grass-fed beef, rBGH free milk and chicken, turkey and pork produced without the routine use of antibiotics.
Huntington University made the decision to contract with Chartwells after conducting extensive research into the company and thorough student customer satisfaction assessments.
Chartwells and the University have announced their commitment to offer employment opportunities to many of the hourly workers who have have previously been employed in the food service facilities at Huntington University.