Huntington Municipal Airport to build new hangar

The Huntington City Council voted on August 12, to move forward with a recommendation from the Huntington Municipal Airport Board of Aviation Commissioners (BOAC) to construct a new hangar at the facility.  The BOAC recommended the project to relieve existing congestion and to accommodate growth opportunities at the airport.  
"At its most elementary level, the BOAC is recommending that we convert a cash asset into a real estate asset and in addition, the BOAC will reimburse the cash account over a 10 year period and the City will retain title to the real estate asset, which creates revenue opportunities in perpetuity," said Mark Wickersham, executive director of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation and a member of the BOAC as he made a presentation to City Council.  No external debt obligations are associated with either the BOAC's or Council's action in the matter.  "This is simply a balance sheet adjustment," Wickersham added.
The Fetters Administration has charged the BOAC with the task of better utilizing the airport as a growth engine, not only in and of itself, but to also more aggressively serve as an asset in an economic development sense for the Community.  "The unanimous decision on the part of City Council opens the door to significant improvements at the facility," Wickersham concluded.