Good Humor-Breyers Tax Abatement Approved

September 9, 2009
Huntington, Indiana --
Good Humor-Breyers Plans $6,000,000 Investment
The Common Council for the City of Huntington unanimously approved a request for tax abatement from Good Humor-Breyers as they plan an investment of $6,000,000.  The investment will allow the facility to retain 193 incumbent workers and will create 7 new positions.
"HCUED is very proud of this company and happy they believe in this City and our workforce. This is among the largest investments announced in Northeast Indiana this year,"  said Mark Wickersham, Executive Director of the Huntington County United Economic Development Corporation.  "Unilever, their parent company, is not unlike dozens of manufacturers in the U.S. who is evaluating capacity at mulitple facilities.  This type of investment is a wonderful signal from Unilever that they are in Huntington for a long time to come," said Wickersham.