Cinergy MetroNet to Locate in Downtown Huntington

June 11, 2010
Huntington, IN
Contact:  Mark Wickersham
Cinergy MetroNet Announces Downtown Huntington Location
Huntington, Indiana --
Cinergy MetroNet, Inc., joined by officials from the City of Huntington, Huntington County Government, the Department of Community Development and Huntington County Economic Development, announced today that Cinergy MetroNet has acquired the former Korner Kupboard/Gass Women's Apparel Store at 438 N. Jefferson Street, to establish a customer service center and retail store.
Cinergy MetroNet, Inc., is investing $10.5 million to install a digital fiber optic communications system allowing every building in the City limits to have the availability of high speed digital communications service.  High speed internet, digital voice and television service will be delivered via fiber optic cable to all customers.  The retail location at 438 N. Jefferson Street will allow customers an opportunity to not only "test drive" the services but also to interact with courteous professionals regarding any service questions.
The Huntington County Economic Development Corporation (HCUED) has been working with the company over the last two years in an effort to establish this opportunity for the community.  Huntington County Commissioner Tom Wall remarked at the announcement, "It's going to provide us Internet like we've never had before."  HCUED Executive Director Mark Wickersham welcomed Cinergy MetroNet to the downtown by saying, "We're just really excited to welcome them officially as property owners in downtown Huntington.  This is a big day for our community."
Wickersham continued by thanking the economic development team which included the city, the county, and others.  "This is a great example of what can be accomplished through a team effort," he said.
Cinergy MetroNet intends to have the construction/renovation project completed in approximately twelve weeks and hopes to have a grand opening celebration sometime this fall.