County's June unemployment rate stands at 5.7%

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released its June unemployment report, and Huntington County's unemployment rate is 5.7%, up slightly from the previous month.
April's rate was 4.9%, the lowest in recent memory and perhaps a baseline according to the historical data maintained by Huntington County Economic Development. 
"The only bad thing about a new baseline is that there may be only one way to go if the statistics change," said Mark Wickersham, executive director. "We experienced two consecutive months, each with slight increases to the point where we now stand at 5.7%."
Even with the increase, the statistics are significantly improved from one year ago. For example, this year, 359 more people are in the overall labor force. There are 731 more jobs than one year ago, and the unemployment rate is 2% lower than one year ago.