WFFT TV: new company brings jobs and revenue to Huntington

Source: Charnae Davenport, WFFT TV, 8/21/13
New jobs and revenue are coming to the City of Huntington. Auger Torque is building their first United States facility right here in Indiana. The company has officially received an investment from the City of Huntington stemming from taxpayer dollars.

A few different states were interested in Auger Torque's business, but after being offered some incentives, the company chose Huntington, Indiana. Today Huntington presented a $25,000 check to Auger Torque. Huntington's mayor and other city officials are confident this investment is a good one.

The City of Huntington took a hard hit this summer after the closing of Unilever and Huntington Electric. Both totaling to a loss of nearly 200 jobs. Huntington Mayor Brooks Fetters says the city is always working to attract more business.

"The big stories are like Unilever or Huntington Electric, but behind the scenes day in and day out were trying to attract businesses and jobs to Huntington for the people that live in Huntington," said Fetters.

Although Auger Torque cannot fill the recent hole of jobs lost, the company brings business that will benefit the city. Fetters says the money invested will turn a profit for the city in about three years. Mark Wickersham with the city's Economic Development department says they also fought for Auger Torque's business because the company offer wages above the $11 average in Huntington.

"We're trying to make sure that as a community we use the taxpayers' resources to encourage jobs that pay more than what we currently have in the community," said Wickersham.

There's more good news for Huntington locals. President of Auger Torque USA Todd Miller says hiring within city limits is ideal.

"We're going to try to use everybody we possibly can local," says Miller. "If we have to, we'll outsource, but we want to bring in the community."

Auger Torque is expecting to hire up to 30 people for office work, welding and more. The company has already seen about 100 resumes. If you're interested in applying, or visit