Unemployment Rate for Huntington County at 8.7% in December

Unemployment Rate in Huntington County at 8.7%
For Immediate Release                                              Contact:  Mark Wickersham
January 24, 2012                                                       260-356-5688
Huntington, Indiana --
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development released the December 2011 Unemployment Report today.  The unemployment rate for Huntington County was reported at 8.7% reflecting an improvement of 2.7% compared to November.
The "spike" in unemployment for Huntington County the prior month was a result of a temporary shut-down of a major employer in an adjacent County.  The Indiana Department of Workforce Development collects the data based on the County of residence for the worker, not the County of employment.  The December report confirms that the November, temporary shut-down had ended and those effected workers recalled to their jobs.
"It is always encouraging to see the numbers improve, however, we've learned that the data can change either way very quickly.  We are in a Regional Economy and control very few of the actual factors which can cause significant fluctuations in the data," said Mark Wickersham, Executive Director of Huntington County Economic Development.  "The December report seems to more accurately reflect the current situation among employers in Huntington County," he concluded.