Unemployment Rate at 8.9% for October

Huntington, Indiana                                                            Contact:  Mark Wickersham
November 23, 2011                                                            260-356-5688
                            Huntington County Unemployment Rate at 8.9% for October
Huntington, Indiana --
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released the State’s unemployment report for October.   The data, which covers the period September 11 through October 10, 2011, reports the unemployment rate in Huntington County at 8.9%.  This is a slight increase from the 8.7% rate for September.  

According to the report, there are 426 more Huntington County residents in the overall labor force as compared with the same period one year ago when the unemployment rate in the County stood at 10.1%.  The October 2011 report indicated 45 more Huntington County residents unemployed compared to September.  The October Huntington County rate of 8.9% compares to the State-wide rate of 8.6%.

The unemployment rate in Huntington County stood at 11.4% at the beginning of 2011 when 2,197 residents were reported as unemployed.  1,713 residents are unemployed as of the October report.  Local manufacturing firms continue to look for workforce talent and the Regional Economy continues showing signs of recovery.  The unemployment statistics are based upon the workers' "County of residence" rather than "County of employment" therefore regional commuter and employment factors are important.  Recent job creation and layoff announcements throughout Northeast Indiana impact the Huntington County workforce statistics.  

Overall, 2011 has been a very encouraging year for both the Northeast Indiana and Huntington County economic picture.  Huntington County Economic Development has assisted with 11 project wins reflecting over $31 million in new investments and the Huntington Chamber of Commerce has conducted ribbon cuttings and ground breaking ceremonies for 15 clients.  The Metro Fort Wayne area was recently recognized as in fact, leading the nation in new job creation activities.  But there is obviously a continuing need to work very hard to create opportunities for additional job creation and investments.

"The economic situation in Huntington County is substantially improved from the height of the recent recession, however, the October statistics are a reminder that even though things are better, volatility is always with us and the need for additional job opportunities is very real," said Mark Wickersham, Executive Director of Huntington County Economic Development.
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