Our Sunday Visitor Corporation of Huntington Featured

The Our Sunday Visitor Corporation (OSV) of Huntington was recently featured by the Huntington Herald-Press Newspaper.
In the early 1900s, a bankrupt publisher offered young Father John Noll a printing press for a single dollar.  Over 100 years later, that simple investment has become a huge Roman Catholic publishing and offertory solutions enterprise employing over 380 employees.  The company has over 1,800 textbook, parish resources and trade books in print.  Father Noll's weekly newspaper, OSV Newsweekly has grown in circulation to now be found on Kindle, ebooks, apps, and websites around the world.  
Huntington's OSV is the largest English language Roman Catholic publisher in the world, printing among other things, several hundred million offering envelopes per year for Protestant and Catholic Churches alike.
Amazing what $1.00, hard work and faithfulness can accomplish!