November employment picture stable

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November employment picture stable
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released its November 2012 Unemployment Report, covering the period of October 11 - November 10.   

According to the State of Indiana, Huntington County’s unemployment rate was 7.6%.  The statewide average for the same reporting period was 8.0% (included in this reporting period).  

The report continues to show a stable employment picture for Huntington County residents.  "The employment situation in Huntington County is significantly improved from one year ago," said Mark Wickersham, executive director,  Huntington County Economic Development. 
"The rate for November last year was 11.4%, and now, nearly 1,100 Huntington County residents have opportunities that were  not available at this time a year ago. The improvement is encouraging but still difficult for many in our community," he concluded.
While the November rate for Huntington County is up slightly from the October rate of 7.3%, it compares to 11.4% one year ago.  In November 2012, 1,098 more Huntington County residents were employed as compared to one year ago. It's also worth noting that the General Motors Fort Wayne Assembly Plant had announced earlier this year a planned temporary shutdown during the week of October 22.