Metalloid Corporation returns to Huntington

Source: Megan Greve, 9/27/13, Herald-Press

After relocating to Sturgis, Mich. in the late 1990s, the Metalloid Corporation has returned to Huntington.

Metalloid made the announcement Friday afternoon at the Lime City Development Committee meeting, which took place at its location at 500 Jackson St.

The company invested about $150,000 into the location and all-new equipment, company president Tom Edwards said. Metalloid Alumicoat, the division of Metalloid operating out of Huntington, currently employs six people, though Edwards said they look to hire four more in the next year and may expand in the future.

At the Lime City meeting Metalloid was also presented with a check from Huntington County United Economic Development for $18,000, which Edwards said would help offset the cost of equipment the company needed to buy.

Metalloid developed a process for lubricating aluminum coils used in air conditioning units and was looking for a location to do this work for Texas-based Goodman Manufacturing.

“That company there will put us here for a very long time and bring more people on,” Edwards said. “This was our vision; it (was) four years ago when we started talking about this. … We had this building, it was perfect.”

Edwards said the company will lubricate 10 million pounds of tubing for Goodman alone next year, but will do about 15 million in total.

Metalloid started in Huntington in 1951, Edwards said, but left when property in Sturgis became available for less than it would have cost to add on to the Jackson Street facility.

The Jackson Street facility was former a lubricant plant, Edwards said.

“(Moving out) was a very tough decision,” Edwards said. “I’m glad to be back. I see brighter things for Metalloid and Huntington.”

“It is important for us to be here in Huntington. … It’s a big family,” Metalloid General Manager John A. Harris said.