Local Tool & Die Shop Completes Investment

The Huntington County Economic Development Corporation announced today the completion of an investment by the J.O. Wolf Tool & Die Company.  The small business relies on their innovation, flexibility, and cost effectiveness to bring precision products to their customers in a very efficient and timely manner.  Wolf Tool & Die is a second-generation family owned business, founded in 1982, which specializes in the designing and building of molds, dies, jigs, and fixtures for the automotive, electronic and consumer products industries.  They also perform low volume, high precision, production as a secondary operation to molded plastic and castings.
The capacity expansion project announced today involved a capital investment over $200,000.00 creating over $93,000 in additional payroll.  The investment allows the retention of seven (7) existing jobs while creating three (3) new positions.  The average wage is approximately $15.00 per hour, with additional benefits provided by the Company.
Company President Keith Miller hosted the Huntington County Commissioners today in detailing the project and thanking the Commissioners for a performance-based incentive of $15,000 in support of the project.  The incentive was offered in lieu of tax abatement.