Lime City Committee Approves $5,000 Contribution to Learning Center

 The Lime City Development Committee of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation unanimously approved a contribution of $5,000.00 to support construction of the Huntington County Learning Center.  The project, a collaboration among the private, public, non-profit and educational organizations in Huntington County is preparing to break ground on a $1.3 million building project later this month.
The Center offers industrial and other career training opportunities to people of all ages in Huntington County.  "The Huntington County Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Huntington County have led the fundraising efforts for the project and I'm very excited the Committee is extending financial support for their very, very hard work," said Mark Wickersham, executive director of Huntington County Economic Development.
"This is an excellent economic development initiative," said Michael Zahn, President of the Lime City Committee.  "We are very pleased to offer our financial support," he added.
Photo provided by Steve Kimmel of the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce.