July Unemployment Rate 3.3% for Huntington County

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development, in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, has released the unemployment report for July of 2017.  The unemployment rate for Huntington County residents was reported at 3.3%.  The rate is down from 4.6% in January and is comparable to the rate at the same time last year of 4.0%.
According to the report, of the total available labor force of 18,781 residing in Huntington County, 612 were unemployed, while 18,630 were employed.  
"Economists differ on their definitions of full employment, but most settle on a number between 4 and 5 percent," Rachel Blakeman of the Community Research Institute of Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne told the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette.  Mark Wickersham, the executive director of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation commented, "The statistics remain very encouraging, especially compared to the peak rate of 14.3% in June of 2009, when nearly 3,000 were unemployed in our County."  He added, "Our Community is adjusting to the transition of UTEC, occurring while cyclical, temporary lay-offs are planned in other industries locally resulting simply from their routine, seasonal business cycles."
Several area industries are hiring and continue looking for talent. Job posting websites report hundreds of available jobs within Huntington County and throughout the region.  The County's job picture continues to be strong and the unemployment rate remains below the State-wide average.
Resources for job seekers can be found at the following websites: