Jobless Rate in Huntington County Drops Slightly in August of 2011

Jobless Rate Drops Slightly in Huntington County
Huntington, Indiana                                                   Contact:  Mark Wickersham
September 16, 2011                                                  260-356-5688
Huntington, Indiana -- 
The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released the unemployment report covering the period July 11-August 10, 2011 (the August Unemployment Report).

Huntington County’s unemployment rate was reported at 9.1%, a slight improvement from July’s 9.2%.  The State reported that 70 more Huntington County residents were employed in August while 15 fewer were unemployed among Huntington County residents.  The State also reported that 128 more Huntington County residents were in the overall labor force compared to one year ago.  The unemployment rate in Huntington County stood at 11.1% in January of 2011.

"The Obama Administration reported that nationally no net new jobs were created during this reporting period.  The fact that Huntington County reported a net gain of any kind, given the national situation, is a sign that our local efforts are gradually paying off.  It is encouraging that during a month when the State’s unemployment rate increased and the national numbers suggested stagnation, our local situation remained stable,"  said Mark Wickersham, Executive Director of Huntington County Economic Development.

Nine industrial expansion projects have been announced locally in 2011 and another twelve retail and service sector projects have also been launched locally so far this year.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s statistics report that 1,723 Huntington County residents were unemployed during the reporting period while 17,308 Huntington County residents are employed.

"The local economic situation in Huntington County is astonishingly strong given the overall marketplace we’re faced with.  We have a very good Community and very committed employers and a strong economic development team, "Wickersham concluded.