Job Postings One Click Away

Job seekers can now visit the homepage of Huntington County Economic Development Corporation for links to two job posting resources.  Employment opportunities promoted via the Huntington County TAB Classified Section and regional employment and internship opportunities being promoted via the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership are now conveniently linked from the homepage of the
Huntington County Economic Development Corporation. 
"It's an easy thing I can do at Huntington County Economic Development to help job seekers," said Mark Wickersham, executive director.  "While our County's unemployment rate, at 3.5%, is the lowest its been in years, there is still a need for people to 'connect' with existing job opportunities.  It's one more resource I can offer to help, especially given the anticipated changes coming at UTEC," he concluded.
The Northeast Indiana Works organization is also working very hard to coordinate opportunities for job seekers.  
Also visit for additional job related information.
Visit the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation's website at to connect to the job posting resources.