January Unemployment Report Released

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics have released the January 2017 Unemployment Report.  The rate for Huntington County was reported at 4.6%.
The report covers the period from December 11, 2016 through January 10, 2017.  The data is based upon the County where the worker lives, not the County where employed.
The rate for Huntington County increased 1% over the previous month, however, seasonal factors play an important role during this particular reporting period.  Holiday employment as well as temporary lay-offs for the holidays and lay-offs at the conclusion of the holiday retail season are all accounted for in this reporting period. The current rate compares to 4.7% for Huntington County one year ago. 
According to Career Builder.com 830 job openings are available as of 3/20/17 within a 30 minute drive of Huntington.