ISOLATEK International Invests in Local Plant

For Release: Immediate                               Contact: Mark Wickersham
Date: May 31, 2012                                      260-356-5688


Huntington County Economic Development client Isolatek International was joined today by United States Senator Dan Coats and local officials to announce a two-phase investment to install "coke-less" furnace technology at their Huntington facility. Today's announcement focused on the $4.5 million first phase of the overall investment of over $8 million in improvements anticipated over the next few years. The plant, located at 701 N. Broadway Street, Huntington, Indiana, manufactures spray-applied, passive fireproofing materials under CAFCO trade name throughout the Americas and Isolatek brand name internationally. The Company’s product solutions range from commercial, medium and high density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials (SFRMs) to interior/exterior water-based intumescent coatings.

Isolatek Products have been used on such high profile projects such as:

*Great American Tower, Cincinnati, Ohio
*Arizona Cardinals Stadium
*Toronto’s Pearson International Airport
*Chicago Midway Airport
*The Aladdin Casino Resort

Historically, Isolatek’s manufacturing process has been dependent upon foundry coke (a refined coal product) as their primary fuel source for the furnaces needed to melt blast furnace slag and feldspar rock to produce their products. The new investments at the Huntington Facility will replace the “Coke-fired” units with natural gas-fired furnaces.

Federal environmental policy debates as well as existing regulations have significantly affected the price and availability of foundry coke. It is not unusual for foundry coke to be imported to the U.S. as a result of domestic supply chain shortage. Prices and supplies have fluctuated in recent years making the resources very unpredictable to industrial customers. Natural Gas as an alternative provides a cleaner, cheaper and more reliable energy source.

The technology required for the new natural gas-fired furnaces was developed in Germany and will be the first of its kind in North America. “U.S. Senator Dan Coats’ awareness of the Company is important to our Community,” said Mark Wickersham, Executive director of Huntington County Economic Development. “Federal environmental regulations relating to carbon emissions have a significant impact on Isolatek and their supply chain for coke.” The Senator’s previous experience as U.S. Ambassador to Germany also brings Indiana and Huntington in particular, a resource we’ve never had before,” he said. “Nearly 40% of the residents in Huntington claim some level of German heritage and German business interests are already making a huge impact in Huntington. It’s an honor to welcome Senator Coats to Huntington and benefit from his experience,” Wickersham concluded.

The Isolatek project allows the retention of fifty (50) incumbent workers, earning on average $21.00 per hour. Isolatek also announced it is celebrating its thirtieth (30th) year in business. The Company was also proud to announce nine (9) of their current employees have been with the Company from its inception.

“The economic development processes in Huntington County has been very helpful to our Company. We simply could not have made this commitment without their support,” said Jakub Tomaszewski, Plant Manager. “This County has approached the project as though we are partners. The process could not have been easier for us and we are very honored that Senator Coats has been able to join our Community in announcing our project,” he concluded.


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