Huntington Municipal Airport Continues to Grow

Huntington Municipal Airport (HHG) is growing.  The airport recorded over 16,000 aircraft landings and take-offs last year.  The facility has recently completed the construction of two corporate hangars and expanded parking for motor vehicles at the terminal.  A two-phase construction project to expand aircraft ramp space is also under way.  HHG also has plans to build a new fuel farm to better serve aircraft operations and improve general safety in the fueling process.
Mayor Brooks Fetters remarked, "The Huntington Municipal Airport is owned by the City of Huntington, and has been since 1960.  It serves as an excellent economic development asset for us."
Mark Wickersham, executive director of Huntington County Economic Development Corporation and a member of the Board of Aviation Commissioners for the City, noted, "Several local industries rely on the facility and I'm sure that without it, Onward Manufacturing Company probably would not be in Huntington, employing nearly 400 people after redeveloping a vacant industrial building of well over 460,000 square feet."
HHG has a 5,001 foot runway and paved parallel taxiway.  Approximately 85 aircraft use the facility as their base of operations.
Prop Boys Aviation serves as the fixed base operator for the facility.