Huntington County Council Approves Abatement Compliance Forms

The Huntington County Council approved tax abatement compliance forms from eight local employers at its regular meeting on June 22.  Tax Abatement Compliance forms CF-1 were received by the County in follow-up to previously approved tax abatements for:
*A & E Equities, LLC,
*Advanced Engineering, Inc.
*Gladieux Trading & Marketing Company, LP
*Gladieux Processing, LLC
*Knecht Excavating, Inc.
*Mitchell Munsey
*PHD, Inc.
*United States Mineral Products Company
Combined, the companies invested over $23 million effecting 208 jobs.
"Companies which have been approved for tax abatements (or tax phase-ins) have an obligation to file annual compliance documents to verify the progress they've made toward completing and maintaining the investments and job creation activities which led to the approval for the abatements in the first place," said Mark Wickersham, executive director of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation.  "The companies involved in this case present their documents to the County Council because the various locations for the employers are within unincorporated areas of the County," Wickersham added.
"The County Council offered its unanimous support and congratulations to these employers as they continue to grow in Huntington County," Wickersham concluded.