Huntington County Community School Corporation Board Receives HCUED Update

February 24, 2009

Huntington County Community School Board Hears HCUED Update      

Huntington, Indiana –

The Huntington County Community School Corporation (HCCSC) Board received an update on HCUED’s activities at their regular Board Meeting on January 23, 2009. Mark Wickersham, HCUED Executive Director, made the presentation of HCUED’s 2008 Annual Report and gave a quick overview of HCUED’s 2009 Business Plan. HCCSC Board President Kevin Patrick is the Board’s appointment to the HCUED Board of Directors.

During his remarks, Wickersham thanked HCCSC Board Members for their hard work on behalf of the Community. He also thanked the Board for allowing him to travel to California with the HCCSC delegation to evaluate the New Tech Curricular model implemented at Napa and Sacramento New Tech High Schools. Wickersham is also a member of the task force evaluating the schedule at Huntington North High School, where Wickersham’s son is a student. In addition, Wickersham, Superintendent Tracey Schafer, and Salamonie Assistant Principal Brad Ludlow visited Wickersham’s alma mater, Union City Community High School to learn more about their school’s wind and solar energy experiments.

“I’m very proud of our schools,” Wickersham said and added, “Our students and teachers can compete with the best anywhere. And I’m also proud that our school corporation is constantly evaluating ideas to make our schools even better.”