Huntington Aluminum Expansion

Huntington Aluminum, Inc., has acquired an additional 32,000 square feet for the company's most recent expansion. The $2 million investment allows the company to retain approximately 60 incumbent workers while adding approximately 5 more. Majority owner and president Roger Kilty hosted representatives from the County and City governments for a tour today of the new facility.  Participating in the announcement were County Commissioners Rob Miller and Larry Buzzard, City Councilman Joe Blomeke, Company President Roger Kilty and County Commissioner President Tom Wall.  Kilty provided an update to the officials (including Huntington County Economic Development Corporation executive director, Mark Wickersham) about the current business climate for Huntington Aluminum and discussed the opportunities resulting from the newly acquired square footage.  Kilty expressed his appreciation for the support the local officials have provided, noting that without their assistance, the company would not have originally located in Huntington.