December unemployment rate drops to pre-recession level

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development has released its December unemployment report.  According to the state, the unemployment rate for Huntington County is 6%, the lowest since June 2008 when it stood at 5.8%.

December’s 6% unemployment rate is also lower than both the statewide and national rate—and down slightly from November’s 6.8%.

For the sake of comparison, a year ago in January 2013, Huntington County’s rate stood at 9.4%, and the state reported 1,778 Huntington County residents without employment. As of December 2013, that number is 1,121. 

“Regardless of the statistical strengths and weaknesses—or other anomalies of the report—we understand our efforts continue to be needed now and in the future,” said Mark Wickersham, executive director. “The economy is very dynamic, constantly subject to change.

“In 2013, Huntington County had both wins and losses in the economic world; however, the data is slowly beginning to be reflective of the hard work of so many of our employers, elected officials and board members—all who are committed to helping promote job creation opportunities.”