Commissioners Help Local Manufacturer Retain Jobs

Faced with an unfunded government mandate which could have ended a company which started doing business in Huntington in 1941, the Huntington County Board of Commissioners stepped-up to offer help to Corey and Mandy Reber in their efforts to keep the Lime City Manufacturing Company operating in Huntington.
"The Huntington County economic development team, has been helping our industrial base for over 20 years," said Mark Wickersham, executive director for the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation.  "Since 2008, our team has facilitated 135 industrial projects reflecting private capital investments of nearly $400 million," he added.
The projects over the years have include large and small companies; locally owned and publicly traded companies.  The agency's client base includes a variety of industry clusters from automotive to food processing; metal fabrication to medical devices; and agri-business to trucking and logistics.
"This continues to be a team effort and our agency really appreciates the aggressively pro-business leadership demonstrated by our elected officials," Wickersham concluded.
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