Collaboration and Team Work Keys to County's Growth

Collaboration and Team Work Keys to County's Growth
For Release:  Immediate                                                                  Contact:  Mark Wickersham
March 26, 2012                                                                                260-356-5688
Huntington, Indiana --
At this month's Huntington University Foundation Breakfast, County Commissioner Tom Wall, and Mayor,
Brooks Fetters spoke about Huntington being a headquarters for many industries. "I am fascinated and amazed at what is made here in Huntington," said Mayor, Brooks Fetters. He added, "Everything from farm equipment and car manufacturing rely on Huntington for many parts that go into their products."  Since 2008 there have been over 40 companies that have made Huntington their home, and brought 1,184 new jobs, while maintaining 700 more. In three years, Huntington County's economic development efforts have helped facilitate investments totaling nearly 19 percent of the total assessed valuation of businesses in the entire county.

Continental Structural Plastics is a recent addition to the Huntington Business Community, creating 270 new jobs. This site is responsible for making exterior body panels on cars such as the 2012 Chevy Corvette. The Continental plant in Huntington is also responsible for making battery housings for the Chevy Volt. 
Both Commissioner Wall and Mayor Fetters concluded that the team work and collaboration of local officials and the economic development community have been critical factors to local success.  According to information provided by Huntington County Economic Development, every industrial project win in the last four years can be attributed to some ability to work together to facilitate or otherwise help address challenges faced today by employers.  Huntington County is a great place to do business  in large part because local leadership works together to help businesses succeed.
"The very venue for the speech presented by Commissioner Wall and Mayor Fetters, the Huntington University Foundation itself, is a collaborative effort in the Community to help Huntington University succeed," said Mark Wickersham, Executive Director of Huntington County Economic Development.  He added, "It is a great example of how our Community works together to encourage success."