Big Box Property Now Listed with Broker

The former KMART location on Guilford Street in Huntington, Indiana, is now listed as available by Alexandria Justice of the Goodman Real Estate Services Group, LLC, of Cleveland, Ohio.
The very visible location has been a subject of Community concern and interest since KMART closed their location at the site in 2014 in the first round of several closings nationwide.
The mission of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation (HCUED) is directed toward industrial development activities, however the agency, as a public service, is simply publicizing the broker listing.  "Properties like this are not part of the assignment of HCUED, however, this is the first time the property has officially been available and knowing how much public interest there as been, I wanted to at least post an article that the opportunity exists," said Mark Wickersham, HCUED's executive director.  "One point of information which might be relevant in the investor world is that the property is part of the Trump Administration's Economic Opportunity Zone Program," he added.