August Unemployment Rate Increases

Driven by temporary layoffs, continued permanent layoffs at UTEC, and seasonal dynamics, the August unemployment rate rose to 4.4% among workers who live in Huntington County.  This compares to 3.3% from the previous month and 4.6% in January.
"The combination of the planned temporary layoffs at Continental Structural Plastics, permanent layoffs at UTEC and seasonal issues associated with production year changes etc., are now beginning to be reflected statistically," said Mark Wickersham, executive director of Huntington County Economic Development Corporation.  
Most local employers are hiring and have hundreds of job openings available.  According to job posting website,, there are currently 866 job openings within 30 miles of downtown Huntington. listed 404 jobs with 10 miles of downtown Huntington and posted 249 job openings within 15 miles of downtown Huntington.
"As the workers who are effected by the planned, temporary layoffs are called back to work, the statistics should improve as well," concluded Wickersham.
 Editorial Note -- the job posting websites listed in this article are not managed by Huntington County Economic Development.  The agency lists them as a public service and has no control over content management of each of the privately owned websites.