Apollo Caster Incorporated Chooses Huntington Location

Apollo Caster, Incorporated, has announced the acquisition of a building in Huntington to serve as their new home.   Company owner, Matt Wilcox made the announcement February 21st from their new location at 1500 Etna Ave., Huntington.  The vacant property had historically been home to the Fulton Dairy Company.  Renovations to the facility are anticipated to be completed this spring.
"The City of Huntington has made a tremendous financial commitment to re-constructing Etna Avenue in that section of the City," said Mark Wickersham, executive director of Huntington County Economic Development Corporation.  "This is the second recent announcement regarding manufacturing companies along the corridor, as the Lime City Manufacturing Company, also on Etna Avenue was recently acquired and continues to be successful in the neighborhood,"  Wickersham added.
In speaking to the Huntington County TAB newspaper, Wilcox, noted, "Our company has been blessed by good growth, so space is definitely necessary."
Apollo Caster is a distributor of small materials handling goods and is in its 12th year of operations.