January Unemployment Rate - 3.9%

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the unemployment figures for January of 2018.  The unemployment rate in Huntington County was listed at 3.9% down from 4.4% one year ago while slightly increasing from 3.4% in December of 2017.  Thirty-four (34) Indiana Counties have higher unemployment rates than Huntington. The new report covers the period December 11, 2017-January 10, 2018. 
"We continue to see the impact of the transition at UTEC," said Mark Wickersham, executive director of the Huntington County Economic Development Corporation.  "The January report however, is often slightly elevated with the combination of holiday retail employment trends and year-end shut-downs in automotive and other manufacturing industries," he added.
"Nearly all of our major employers have job openings.  Indeed.com currently posts 221 job openings of all types within ten miles of downtown Huntington and 2,425 job openings within a twenty-five mile radius.  Employers are working aggressively to attract talent," Wickersham concluded.