Why Huntington County?

Why choose Huntington County, Indiana? Our location, workforce and value are complimented by our spirit of tenacity, industriousness, resilience, and ingenuity.

Location. Huntington County is ideally located in the heart of the Great Lakes region with easy access to Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati and Louisville—and supported by:

Workforce. Our highly skilled workforce and pro-business environment have convinced several international giants to locate multimillion-dollar facilities here. They include:

Value. Compared to major metropolitan markets, the cost to acquire and renovate a building in Huntington County is much less—as is the cost of a greenfield site or a skilled workforce. The bottom line? Your dollar goes further here.


  • ŸPollina Corporate Top 10 Pro-Business States: Best place to do business in Midwest & 5th nationwide
  • CNBC America’s Top States for Business: 5th most business-friendly state
  • Chief Executive MagazineBest place to do business in Midwest & 5th nationwide
  • Ranks 10th as one of best tax environments in U.S.
  • Lowest industrial energy rates in Midwest
  • First right-to-work state in Great Lakes region